About the College



  Founded in 1972, the College of Engineering is ranked top hundred engineering schools in the world. One third of faculty members received the Outstanding Research Award of National Science Council. One fourth won the Outstanding Teaching Award of NTHU. The educational goal is to cultivate the future engineering leaders for the society. The students will be equipped with solid scientific and technical background, well versed in technology, humanity, social commitment and international view. Their leadership will be inspired and enriched by warm-heartedness, dedication, responsibility and teamwork.

  The externally funded research is currently over 450 million NTD. Integration among departments and collaboration with industry are emphasized. Nano, bio and info-technology is textured in the education and research.

  The college is composed of Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, Department of Materials Science Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Institute of NanoEngineering and Microsystems,Institute of Medical Engineering, Undergraduate Program of Engineering, Bioengineering MSc Program, Molecular Engineering MSc Program. There are industry liaison program and special graduate class in Optoelectronics Technology, and three research centers of the Enterprise Logistics and E-Business Center, the Quality Research Center and the Advanced Packaging Research Enter.



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